Mobile Marketing

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Put yourself in the mobile platform, it put's your business in niche.

Mobile Marketing

Marketing is the practice of connecting, influencing and engaging customers. With rapid consumer behavior changes, traditional marketing methods are overwritten by newest marketing trends. Mobile marketing is the one among the current trending marketing platform.

Mobile and related digital services like email, social media, etc. has changed the consumer behavior a lot. Mobile has become so important to people that a new term has been invented called "Nomophobia" (The fear of being without your mobile phone).

Among all the platforms of digital advertisements, mobile media consumption is 30% out of 100%. Nearly 65% of all the emails are opened in mobile devices these days and maximum social media traffic is from mobile these days. Moreover the usage of mobiles are increasing day by day. By 2018 all most all the commerce business will be influenced by mobile. As a marketer your challenge is to recognize the importance of mobile in your business growth. You are not putting yourself in the mobile platform, then you are going to miss the opportunities.

Mobile marketing platform has multiple channels. They are,

    Messaging (SMS, MMS, Email)

    Audio (calls, streaming calls)

    Alerts (Bluetooth & push)

    Browsing (Web)


Many organizations fail to apply the mobile marketing method in their business, though they have good resource. The reasons may be many for this. To overcome this, we are experts in various mobile marketing channels.

Digiyana is expertise in multiple mobile marketing channels like mobile responsive website, promotional messages (SMS & voice), Mobile application, QR code marketing services, Mobile display ad campaigns, transactional messages, capture leads, Information-on-demand services, Click to call / connect services, polls, surveys & contests, Mobile coupons, customer feedback services.

Our experts are very familiar with mobile advertising standards and guidelines. This enables your business to act better in mobile marketing platform.

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