Evolution of Automation in Digital Marketing

Evolution of automation in digital marketing

Automation In Digital Marketing  ‘Automation’ can be manifested as handing the control to an automatic system. The system can be designed to perform a well-defined task which can obviously reduce the intensive human efforts. The digital tech-savvies would consider it a good option to incorporate in the world of marketing without a second thought. The […]

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5 Tips To Escape From Google’s New Update ‘FRED’

5 Tips To Escape From Google’s New Update 'FRED'

A powerful website determines the strength of a digital endorsement. With ‘N’ number of competitors in the market, the role of Search Engine Optimization industry broadens. The existence of SEO industry is challenged every time when Google or any other search engine undergoes a confirmed/unconfirmed ranking update. The consequences are significant enough to persuade Digital […]

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To call the world’s attention to what you are and to let the world buy your thoughts, ‘marketing’ is the word. But the current hit ‘digital’ or the evergreen ‘traditional’? Understanding the terms individually: Traditional Marketing is endorsing your product or services via commercial broadcast on TV/Radio, also, print ads, posters, and flyers (leaflets used […]

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Google latest update “Fred” – How SEO world is beaten up by it?

Google latest algorithm update

Though this is not officially announced by Google, most of the webmasters and SEO agencies perceived the effect of new Google algorithm update called “Fred”. They are strongly believing that this is Google’s new search rankings algorithm update of 2017. Webmasters tracked & inspected their websites analytics reports in which they figured out a gradual […]

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